4 comments on “The word “Comfort Woman” … is this really the right translation of a Japanese word?

  1. A good translation that would ring bells to many in the US would probably be R&R(Rest and Relaxation/Recuperation – exactly the same meaning/nuance as Ian) Service Women, but I guess that would be too touchy a topic to many(ringing too many bells in too much decibels), so Comfort Women is a good way to make it seem like an isolated issue.


    • A very good point. There was a recent article that spoke about the Nazi using labor camp prison women (not Jews) as prostitutes as well. But there’s no real “comparison” between the ruthlessness of the Soviets (I can’t remember if it was a movie or an actual quote that was “Rape them Twice”) as they went through foreign lands… Whereas the Soviet-backlash of rapes isn’t anything close to what the Japanese are suffering.

      Anyone have any ideas or thoughts? — Good post Translator, thank you.


      • Thank you for your prompt reply. If you ask me, every form of prostitution is due to some form of coercion, and exploits women’s rights. That’s why, even as a Japanese person myself, I think recent efforts trying to deny the military’s “direct association by forcible means” is disgusting and missing the point in the first place. However, having other peoples pointing fingers while justifying/ignoring their own involvement in “non-coerced, willing prostitution” is eqully disturbing.


      • You’re very welcome — getting ready to head out and eat Japanese food… so more food for thought.

        Prostitution has unfortunately been around for a long time, and even with all these resolutions being passed… during a time of war, I don’t see them really helping… however once the dust settles and the war is done… that’s when everyone will focus on the more civilized way of doing things.

        I plan on writing a comfort women op-ed for the month of March and will gladly await your opinion of it 😉


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