16 comments on “American School Children Drafted into Korea’s Losing War

  1. The USA, I mean some States and municipalities deceived by South/North Koreans, is going to open the Pandora’s Box.

    There are so many seas, lands, rivers, lakes, etc that bear a country’s name. If the USA keeps help Korea to humiliate Japan/Japanese, by changing the name of the Sea of Japan ignoring the historical fact, all ethnics around the world may want to force to change their bodies of waters to their favorite one creating a lot of conflicts all over the world.

    Again, the USA is going to open the Pandora’s Box.

    See examples of names that bear country’s/ethnic’s name.
    North America Continent
    South America Continent
    Korea Strait
    Gulf of Oman
    Persian Gulf (Gulf of Iran)
    Taiwan Strait
    Timor Sea
    English Channel
    East China Sea
    South China Sea
    Gulf of Mexico
    Burma Sea
    Arabian Sea
    Celtic Sea
    East Indian Archipelago
    Great Australian Bight
    Gulf of Finland
    Gulf of Guinea
    Gulf of Thailand
    Iceland Sea
    Indian Ocean
    Ionian Sea
    Irish Sea
    Malacca and Singapore Straits
    Norwegian Sea
    Philippine Sea
    Strait of Sicilia


    • While I personally support the “Sea of Japan”, as it was designated the international norm; I can’t accept the “Historical Fact” claim that you mention.

      Names are bound to change for one reason or another: War, Ownership, Death of an Empire, and a multitude of other reasons; however, a legal basis from an internationally, respected organization has much more claim that possible historic backgrounds.

      I personally applaud the Philippines, as they acknowledge the world calls the body of water to their west the “South China Sea”, while internally (within the Philippines) calling it the “West Philippine Sea”.

      I respect South Korea’s right to challenge their case before the IHO; however, I disagree with their tactics to target school textbooks within a foreign country.

      But, I agree with you. By allowing this change to happen once, we must now allow it to happen for anything.
      Thank you for your post. 😉


      • Do you know why Koreans want to change the name?

        They insist that the name was forcibly changed from “East Sea” to “the Sea of Japan” or “Japan Sea” by Imperial Japan because of Japan’s imperialism and “colonialism” over Korea, which is a wrong claim.

        If this is not a distortion of the historical fact, what do you say???

        Read the academic paper summarized by Yoshitaka Shindo and the movie clip published by Japan’s foreign ministry.
        Then, you will learn that South Korea is distorting the historical fact. This is what they have been always doing.

        If you don’t read and understand those materials, it is better for you not to talk about the Japan Sea issue because I believe you will be considered irresponsible by Japanese conservatives and anyone who know the fact.


      • Pakku —

        I do know they call it the East Sea, and will probably forever call it so.

        I support their right to bring up the item for debate at the IHO; however, I am curious why after being denied four times (as I had written), they keep filing a motion to change the name. But — that is their right within the IHO as long as the IHO maintains that policy.

        I believe there should be a limit as to the number of appeals one could make, but I promote the use of an International Forum.

        I am not judging whose basis is more historically sound, that is the job of the IHO.

        Until the IHO decides that the name should change, I will call it the “Sea of Japan”. I’ve read several articles on the Sea of Japan, and side with the Japanese on this issue.

        I do not know if the Koreans have other historical facts regarding this–and again, it’s not for me to judge. The International Community, mostly through the IHO, considers the body of water between Japan and Korea to be the “Sea of Japan” — so I will as well.

        Again, I’m not trying to debate for one way or the other; my argument (from this article) was that there are appropriate channels to make a claim, and 勝手に他国の州の教科書を変えるように応援したりするのは、失礼だと私が思います。


  2. Here is a video clip to explain that the name of the Sea of Japan is the authentic name.
    “Sea of Japan” – A globally established name: http://youtu.be/itXDBgYWNMk
    (Video spoken in English)

    Here is an academic paper with a poster presentation summarized by our proud politician Yoshitaka Shindo.
    “A Study of the Naming Issue of Japan Sea”


  3. Hi again – a friend recenly told me his point of view which I found quite convinceing. Not only should US State Legislature/Textbooks have no involvement to this, but neither should any national governenment. Because the Sea of Japan is a high seas, the aircraft pilots and sailors navigating them, whether military, merchant, or passenger service, should have the ultimate say, because safety and convenience in passage should clearly be prioritised over nations trying to feel good about themselves, and what the body of water may have been called ages ago. Come to think of it, that is probably the purpose of the IHO, so we should probably leave all our national interests at home when sending delegates to them…


    • Hi, I actually really appreciate his view on this issue.

      But, this comment
      >I can’t accept the “Historical Fact” claim that you mention.
      really make me and other Japanese upset.

      Why he cannot accept the historical fact: It is NOT Japan who named the body of water the Sea of Japan but it is the international community who named it??

      There was no way for Japan, especially Imperial Japan, to influence the naming.

      This is the historical fact. If he cannot accept, many Japanese will be very angry.

      Other than the point, I totally agree with him.

      (Don’t change the other country’s (USA’s) textbook.)
      I totally agree with him.


      • Pakku: Your statement was ” If the USA keeps help Korea to humiliate Japan/Japanese, by changing the name of the Sea of Japan ignoring the historical fact, all ethnics around the world may want to force to change their bodies of waters to their favorite one creating a lot of conflicts all over the world.”

        The reason I can not accept your opinion of historical fact, is because Koreans also have their opinion of historical fact. Furthermore, it’s not my place to decide which “facts” are correct, which is why I suggest letting the IHO have the final say in what the international community agrees to–whoever had the preponderance of the evidence.

        My comment regarding naming conventions and them changing over time is a matter of course… which is why Indonesia is today called Indonesia instead of the “Dutch East Indies”, or Vietnam being called Vietnam, as opposed to “French Indo-China”.

        I support your right to believe that the Sea of Japan has been called “Sea of Japan” for (x-thousands of years); but at the same time, i support a Korean’s right to believe that the “East Sea” has been called the “East Sea” for (x-thousands of years). What I take a stand on is that, in today’s international community, multiple names can’t be used for the sake of “ease of navigation”. There should be one international name that everyone uses.

        I am not in any way saying you’re wrong. I’m not saying you’re right either. I’m merely saying, I am aware of the information that is out there and based off of it, with my main argument being derived from the IHO, I choose (if not must) call that body of water, the Sea of Japan.


      • I understand your position.
        Then, you should have not said this way.
        >I can’t accept the “Historical Fact” claim that you mention.

        “Can’t accept” is too strong.


    • The official US government position is to not get involved with textbooks and their contents; however, I also believe that this sort of reasoning should apply to the state-level as well. But since each state’s power (based on our desire for independence) is greater than the Federal Government’s (with respect to internal matters)… I fear this practice will continue.


      • I understand your point but the general public does not take as you say. Then the act of local governments in the USA is very dangerous.

        The general public is more simple: the USA is helping South Korea humiliate Japan/Japanese.

        That is why we are getting very angry at the USA as well as South Korea.

        American people should not push your way of thinking to be understood by people in other countries. Your system is your system. And we are angry at your system also. You may not be able to change it but we are angry at it.


  4. I would just warn everybody that is too easy and detrimental, for any serious discussion, to adjudicate blame to nations for actions that while perceived to be approved by the genearl public were the product of a series of truly complicated events.


    • Marcela, if I am to understand your point — you are stating that while a small percentage of the public are pushing for these changes, we should not attribute their motivation to a foreign country?

      Just want to ensure I understand what you mean before I give you a full reply 😉


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