2 comments on “US blasted by China for violating Neutrality in its territorial dispute w/ the Philippines

  1. The World will soon notice that China is engaging in a sort of reverse-blame diplomacy. It does something troublesome and blames the other for the resulting trouble.

    A consensus is slowly forming though… that the US should be more clear and firm in defending its allies in the Pacific… else China will become even more emboldened to disrupt East Asian stability. Obama should realize this… defending the Philippines and Japan against Chinese assertiveness is not simply giving favors to those countries. Defending those countries means defending US interests – rule of law, freedom of navigation, overflight, unimpeded lawful commerce and peace. Chinese irredentist claims should not be allowed to advance.


    • Jeffrey, my apologies for the delay…

      From what I’ve seen of China’s actions… they seem to try and mimic what the US did in the past… just claiming a “manifest destiny” of the South China Sea…and hoping that no one is able to stand against them over such a “small” issue.

      I’m pretty confident China is looking at the situation in Europe where Russia is “defending Russian citizens” after “parliament voted to send troops in to protect citizens”. All the democratic and peaceful language is there, and the US has but held talks on the issue.

      China has made their position clear. “It’s ours”. And doesn’t seem willing to negotiate. I’m curious to see how this tit for tat exchange will proceed, but am not sure it will turn out positive.


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