3 comments on “As expected, PM Abe re-affirms Japan’s 1993 apology on #ComfortWomen

  1. Hopefully, many people have realized the self-contradiction of the Korean response. Why are they so concerned in protecting the Kono Statement, something they have always dismissed as inadequate in content, and lacking in “officialness”?


  2. One point that seems apparant from Japanese media reports is that Abe doesn’t seem to be willling to challenge the content of the Kono statement, but rather bring light to the procedure in which it was formed. I feel the emphasis is on how much the Korean government had been involved – hence, of all people, they should not be complaining.


    • I agree — I seem to remember originally seeing an article that stated he was the process; as the interviews and testimony were all conducted in secret.

      However, the media took it and created their own “dialogue” as to what Abe’s intentions really were.


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